Housing Coordination Programs

The Housing Coordination Programs provide resources such as rent, subsidies, security deposits, and loans for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. The housing coordinator assists in negotiating the local housing market, tenants rights and responsibilities training, and acts as a liaison between landlords and tenants.

My Sisters' Place assist in the following:

  • MSP is a Fiduciary Agent – managing custodial accounts on behalf of a variety of individuals in the community who are not yet in a position to manage their own finances. Clients include people exiting prison, mental health facilities or young adults who are leaving the child welfare system.
  • Alternative to Incarceration (A.I.C.) – this program serves clients by providing rent subsidies, start up funds, furniture purchases, alternative housing options (such as Hotels) and food. These men and women are Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) clients, are considered at risk of becoming homeless and require the time to gain access to benefits or employment in order to continue their independent lives in the community.
  • Young Adult Services (Y.A.S.) – is another DMHAS program that provides housing support to Youth who are aging out of the child welfare system and are beginning to live alone in the community. MSP pays rent and utilizes on behalf of these individuals and supplies expertise in getting leases established and setting up utilities and telephone service. Also part of Y.A.S. is the Hilltop Program for youth which provides a transitional living environment for young people. MSP holds their lease, pays their rent and other expenses related to maintaining an independent living arrangement.
  • The Bridge Program – is another DMHAS program which provides temporary assistance with rent, provided in the form of a loan, for individuals with mental illness, who are at risk of becoming homeless. We believe that we have one of the largest Bridge caseloads in the state, with 182 individuals being served. This program provides assistance to individuals referred from CRMHC for assistance with housing. Program provides individuals with rental subsidies based on their income using DMHAS formula. Individuals are also provided with a security deposit loan which they are expected to repay on a monthly basis.
  • Respite/Discretionary Discharge Funds – is another DMHAS program that assists clients referred by Capital Region Mental Health Center, who are currently in a hospital setting and are ready for discharge. This program assists clients with food, clothing, furniture, moving expenses, alternative housing options such as hotel, transportation, etc.
  • The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Rent Subsidy Program - This program provides security deposits and first month’s rent for individuals, who are not mentally ill and who are referred to MSP by other social service agencies and emergency shelters.
  • Department of Social Services “Shelter Overflow” Program – provides funding for alternative emergency shelter arrangements when local shelters are full. DSS case managers invoice MSP when such an arrangement is needed and a check is issued either for a security deposit or a hotel/motel room. This service is available for DSS clients statewide.
  • Individual Respite – is a program, funded by DMHAS to provide housing support for individuals who are being discharged from a hospital and are at risk of homelessness. MSP pays rent on their behalf
  • Criminal Offender Re-entry Program (CORP) – is a program funded by DMHAS that makes funds available for housing and funds to start up a home for men and women who are being released from prison. MSP pays for rent and other expenses on their behalf.
  • Women and Men’s Support – is a DMHAS funded program that provides rental subsidies and miscellaneous housing support for individuals who are being released from prison. MSP pays bills on their behalf.

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