Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at My Sisters' PlaceVolunteers are always needed and welcome. For more information on any of these opportunities, please email ejohnson@sistersplacect.org. Below are areas needed for volunteering at My Sisters' Place.

Children's Group

While our women attend Life Skills Classes and House Meetings, we provide activities for the children so they can benefit from these meetings. Our kids range from newborn to age 16 and while we have activities planned for them, we need volunteers to help run these activities. We do look for a regular commitment; however, it does not have to be every week.

Times available: Every Wednesday 5:45pm - 7:30pm; 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month 5:45pm - 7:30pm

We currently have all the help we need for these groups, but please check back soon!


During the week, we look for help with the administrative end of our agency. Needs vary, but oftentimes it is filing, stuffing envelopes, typing, inventorying donations, etc. These things are very important to keeping our agency running efficiently. Our volunteers usually choose their days and times to come in, however, we do ask that it be during our normal office hours.

Times available: Weekdays 9am - 5pm


With three locations, there is much maintenance work that needs to be done at our different sites, such as minor repairs and painting. Unfortunately, our maintenance man cannot do it all on his own. We need volunteers to be available on an on-call basis as repair needs arise.

Times available: Vary with need

Run A Drive

Organize your school group, church group, neighborhood, friends to run a drive collecting some of our most-needed items. Contact our Volunteer and Donations Coordinator to obtain a Wish List and to find out what our most current needs are before running a drive.

Times available: All

Monthly Projects

Help to organize our donations, help with wrapping presents during the holiday season. Anything else that may need to get done around our sites would be extremely helpful!

Times available: Vary with need


Open Your Heart & Donate

DonateA large part of our success comes from the time, energy, and generosity of our supporters.

  • Pledging a Predetermined Amount
  • Donating a Monetary Gift
  • Donating Items on Our "Wish List"
  • Donating Holiday Gifts or Food
  • Volunteering Your Time to Help


Reasons To Help

For nearly 25 Years My Sisters' Place has been offering hope and support to homeless victims in the Greater Hartford area. Read more reasons.

10 Reasons to Donate

Top 10 Reasons To Help Us


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