My Sisters' Place 2009 Biennial Reports

$.87 of every dollar is directly devoted to programs. Below are some other metrics that may be useful. In the past year the following results were achieved:

  • Biennial ReportClients achieved residential stability with 86% paying their occupancy fees, 86% regularly paying their electric and telephone bills and 80% remaining in permanent housing for at least a year.
  • Clients increased their skills and income. 75% completed a job skills training program, 94% found employment within six months of starting the program and 75% completed their G.E.D course or received a high school diploma.
  • Of those who were separated from their children by Child Welfare authorities, 100% were reunited with their children. One hundred percent (100%) of clients who identified personal goals made progress on them within three months; and 94% of those who were in recovery for alcohol or drug addiction continued their recovery program.

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2009 My Sisters' Place Annual Report

In Fiscal Year 2009 MSP served the following numbers of clients through direct service and fiduciary programs.

Resident Support 25 2.8
Supplemental Housing 35 4
TLP 110 12.46
Shelter 143 16.1
YAS 59 6.6
Bridge 161 18.2
Rapid Re Pilot 92 10.36
Rapid Exit 14 1.6
Lincoln 5 0.6
Total 644 72.72
ASSIST 58 6.5
HFPG 162 18.24
HOPE 3 0.04
Local Bed Pilot 7 0.9
Local Bed DDF 8 0.9
Bridge DDF 6 0.7
Total 244 27.28

Key Operating Results:

In Fiscal Year 2009 66 children lived at TLP and participated in MSP's For the Love of Children Initiative programs.

As a result of the recreation and enrichment activities we have observed:
  • Consistent and improved behavior and self-management
  • Positive interactions with male role models
  • Improved social skills
As a result of the mentoring program the children in our care showed:
  • Improve school attendance
  • Improved reading and math skills
  • Improved school performance
  • Improved computer literacy
As a result of the mental health program:
  • Consistently improved behavior
  • Increased ability to express needs and concerns in a productive manner
  • Improved school attendance and performance
  • Improved parent/child communication/cooperation

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A large part of our success comes from the time, energy, and generosity of our supporters and volunteers.

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