About My Sisters' Place

About My Sister's PlaceThere is a place in the north end of Hartford, Connecticut dedicated to making a difference in the lives of homeless women and their children. Since 1982, My Sisters' Place has been a safe haven for those who are suddenly forced into the streets due to domestic violence, eviction, unemployment or mental illness.

Through guidance and empowerment, My Sisters’ Place helps those who slip into homelessness transition to a future of self-reliance and permanent, safe housing.

Ending homelessness... Supporting independence... Transforming lives

Our Mission

My Sisters' Place... committed to ending homelessness and empowering women, families, and others in Greater Hartford to achieve independence and stability in their community by providing housing and supportive services.


My Sisters’ Place, Inc. Privacy Policy

My Sisters’ Place, Inc. is committed to ensuring that any personal information it collects in the course of doing its business will be:

1. Securely stored in a manner that safeguards its confidentiality;

2. Accessed by, and/or provided to, only those people with a verified and legitimate business need for it;

3. Properly destroyed (shredded for paper records) or erased/ made unreadable (electronic media) when being disposed of.

For the purposes of this policy, personal information includes but is not limited to: Social security number, driver’s license number, state or municipal identification number, account numbers, a credit or debit card number, a passport number, an alien registration number, or a health insurance identification number, or any other personal identifiers that are not part of the public record.


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Our greatest need is for people to make a commitment to helping the homeless through generous, consistent donations.

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